My name is Sarah. I have a passion for helping people "love" their homes again without the high price tag of a complete renovation or remodel.


Ever since I can remember, my home has been such a place of comfort and love.  I have lovely memories about my childhood homes and my 5 different homes in college. But my favorite homes are the ones I have had the opportunity to own, all canvases for me to create in.  None of these houses started out perfect, nor could I afford an interior designer, but with the right vision, good furniture layout and a great set of accessories, near perfection and comfort are possible, even on a tight budget.  Having the help of someone guiding you through the process and breathing new life into your setting is something you can afford and deserve, to revivify that house back into the well-functioning, lovable place you always envisioned or always hoped for.  

Lets talk and create and plan...  I can't wait!